4 reasons to use an antispam solution to protect your business

Businessman getting mad with an antispam solution that doesn't work
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No doubt, anti-spam is an indispensable security solution for companies. It’s an email protection tool that every company should adopt and use due to the following reason: the vast majority of cyber attacks happen via email.

Email is the main vector of threats on the internet. According to a security report from Verizon, for example, of every 10 attempts at infection using malware, 9 of them happen via email.

To reinforce the idea, FBI data point out that spoofing, BEC (Business Email Compromise) and phishing scams are among the types of fraud that most affect and cause damage to companies and organizations.

In other words, email is a platform that can expose many dangers for your company.

In addition to the data security issue, there is also an important productivity issue. When your business receives a lot of junk mail in its mailbox, your employees lose focus and waste energy with an unnecessary task.

According to Gatefy’s team of cybersecurity experts, about 80% of the emails that companies receive are junk mail. It’s a large volume of messages that, in fact, reduces company’s productivity and still makes the business more vulnerable to threats.

To be clear, when we use the term antispam solution, we’re talking about a complete email security solution that is capable of blocking different types of threats and attacks, not just spam.

This is the case with Gatefy Email Security, which is an antispam, antiphishing, and antimalware solution for companies. If you want to know more about our email protection product, click here.

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Evolution of spam: from boring email to advanced threat

In the distant past, spam was just a simple spam, or rather, an unwanted message bringing a real offer. Yes, it was real. 

The impact on your business and your routine was minimal. I mean, there was not much to worry about.

Those were good days. Unfortunately, they came to an end. Spam has ceased to be a real offer and has turned into a fake offer with dark and dangerous goals.

So, over time, spam has evolved from a boring message to a sophisticated and advanced threat that can harm an entire organization. That’s bad.

Why use an antispam solution in your company

1. Block malicious emails, such as spam, phishing and ransomware

Email is essential for companies, right? You can do a lot of things through it. But it’s also a battlefield. As we already said, email is the main threat delivery channel.

So, an antispam solution will help your company prevent different types of attacks and threats, such as spam, phishing, and malware, including ransomware, virus, and trojan.

Thus, you add a new layer of protection, preventing your company from being part of the alarming statistics of hacked companies.

2. Filter legitimate emails and fight junk mail

Spam can be a real threat or a simple unwanted message. We cannot forget, though, that spams and legitimate emails end up using the same path. 

So, an anti-spam solution is able to separate the wheat from the chaff. I mean, your company will receive only the messages it should receive, and not all that dangerous and junk email.

3. Protect your brand and reputation

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It’s not just a collection of colors and shapes. It carries the ideals of your company and your reputation.

malicious email, which may start in a spam attack, may tarnish your brand, and it can be quite difficult and painful to rebuild depending on the case. 

By the way, according to an IBM report, data breaches directly affect companies’ reputations, damaging brands, and impacting customer acquisition and retention.

The report also says that the biggest cost of a data breach is lost business.

Having that in mind, visualize the anti-spam solution as a protector of your reputation and brand.

4. Comply with regulations and laws

With so many issues involving privacy and information security, companies have been increasingly called on to keep information secure and well guarded. 

An anti-spam solution secures your email and business, keeping your clients, employees and partners data protected, reducing the risk of data breaches and complying with regulations and laws.

CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are examples.


If you’re still not satisfied with the arguments we used in this article, click here and schedule a demonstration of our antispam, antiphishing, and antimalware solution.

Thus, you will be able to see in practice the benefits of a secure email gateway solution.

Speaking of that, when we say that every company should have an antispam product, we’re talking about large, medium, and small companies. 

The benefits and costs of an anti-spam are worth it if you compare with losses and damages you may have without using it.

Phishing & Spear Phishing
Download our ebook to understand the difference between phishing and spear phishing attacks.
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