8 reasons to use DMARC in your business

Email delivered at a mail box passing by dmarc
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A major cybersecurity problem is: hackers are always looking for new approaches and ways to abuse company brands and domains to trick employees, customers, and partners, mainly via malicious emails.

It’s in this context that DMARC becomes an indispensable solution for organizations.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should adopt DMARC to strengthen the security of your company’s domains and emails.

To start, in case you don’t know, DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.

To better explain, DMARC is a system or technology of email authentication and validation. It works as a protection layer, a protocol that checks and reports details about the sender and the recipient of the messages.

Thus, DMARC protects the company’s domain from being used to send emails linked to threats such as phishing, social engineering, spoofing, spam and other forms of fraud.

By the way, a key point: it’s the domain owner who sets the policies to block and deliver messages, and then receives reports about the use of the domain.

Now, the main reasons to implement DMARC in your company:

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Top 8 reasons to use DMARC

1. Prevent cyber threats such as phishing, spoofing, and spam

By using DMARC, you prevent cybercriminals from using your domain to send malicious emails, such as impersonation, phishing, spoofing and spam campaigns. In essence, DMARC helps to block fraudulent emails before they reach your employees, customers, partners, and other people.

2. Ensure your emails are reliable

DMARC is a solution that guarantees the legitimacy of your emails because only authorized IPs can send emails from your domain.

Think about this: if attackers use a legitimate domain, in this case your company’s domain, it’s much easier for them to persuade and deceive the victims, who may be your customers or employees.

3. Protect your brand from abuse and scams

Brand trust is a determining factor that helps companies grow. That’s a fact that many marketing and sales experts highlight, since people have increasingly identified with brands, and not just with products and services.

Imagine the damage that criminals do by impersonating your company. DMARC helps to protect your brand against abuse and fraud.

4. Gain visibility over your domain

One of the main functions of DMARC is to provide visibility and control over how a domain has been used. Through reports, DMARC lets the domain owner know exactly who is sending emails on his behalf, which emails are being authenticated, which emails are not being authenticated and for what reasons.

5. Improve email delivery capabilities

Email fraud cases are directly linked to a lower email deliverability, or reduced capacity to deliver messages. It’s obvious, right, since a domain used for malicious purposes is almost always marked as an untrusted one after it’s caught.

DMARC helps with that, increasing legitimate emails’ deliverability.

6. Instruct how to handle emails that fail authentication

DMARC allows the domain owner to have control over emails that fail authentication. Through policies, the owner instructs email providers and services on how to handle messages that don’t pass authentication.

Basically, these emails with problems can be rejected or sent to a quarantine folder.

7. Fight C-level and BEC scams

C-level and BEC (Business Email Compromise) scams are advanced schemes that occur when attackers impersonate people with strategic positions within the company.

Since DMARC blocks unauthorized senders, you can prevent your domain from being used in advanced email scams as well.

8. Reduce customer support costs related to email fraud

Email is the most widely used platform for cyber attacks. By the way, it’s common for some companies to have pages dedicated to scam and fraud alerts within their websites. Scams that usually happen via email.

By blocking threats, DMARC helps reduce support costs related to fraud.

Why choose DMARC with Gatefy?

Did you know that Gatefy offers a DMARC solution?

Gatefy Anti-Fraud Protection is designed to simplify DMARC adoption so that your business saves time and money and ensures maximum security for your domain.

It’s a SaaS solution that automates the process of DMARC email authentication and enforcement. Simply and quickly, it helps your business protect against scams, prevent brand abuse, and improve email deliverability.

Our solution focuses on safety, usability, and efficiency, reducing the complexity by which the DMARC deployment is so well known. In addition, our team of experts is ready to assist with your DMARC management project, minimizing errors and risks.

If you want to know more, see information about our DMARC product here.

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