Gatefy Email Security Appliance: Email protection for businesses on a physical or virtual appliance

Protect your business from spam, phishing, ransomware and other email threats with our on-premises solution

Gatefy Email Security analyzes incoming and outgoing email so that you have control and visibility over your company’s email flow. Our solution is a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) that protects your business against email threats, such as malware, virus, ransomware, trojan, spam, phishing, spear phishing, BEC, impersonation, social engineering, and zero-day attacks.

To block attacks and prevent data breaches, we use artificial intelligence, machine learning, microservice architecture, a threat intelligence network and other technologies, such as DMARC, DKIM and SPF. Also our solution helps you to achieve regulatory compliance. Choose between our physical appliance and virtual appliance.

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How Gatefy Email Security works

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  1. Administrators of the email security solution have visibility and control over it, as well as support from Gatefy and its partners.
  2. Some emails sent to your organization are legitimate and contain sensitive information, such as customer or partner data.
  3. Most emails sent are junk and malicious messages, such as spam and phishing, and can target a person or department.
  4. Our email security solution, using advanced technology, helps to protect your people and data against threats.
  5. You have inbound and outbound email protection, avoiding attacks and data breaches, and meeting compliance requirements.
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Why use Gatefy Email Security on a physical or virtual appliance

Benefits and features

Leverage advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect your business

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made cyber threat detection and blocking, and thus incident response, faster and more effective. Our email security solution is very smart. It’s always learning from your company’s email flow. In other words, we use multiple algorithms and artificial intelligence to understand the way your people communicate, preventing infections, data breaches and business downtime.

Artificial Intelligence

Keep your business safe with real-time protection

To keep your business safe, you need to have visibility and control over your email network. You need to know what's going on in the message flow. Remember: email is still the main vector for cyber threats and attacks. Gatefy email protection provides several comprehensive and real-time reports. Besides that, our solution is powered by a threat intelligence network, keeping you always updated and protected.

Real-time protection

Achieve high performance and availability with microservice architecture

We've adopted microservices for our secure email gateway solution. Due to its modularity, since several applications run independently in containers, microservice architecture offers benefits such as availability, redundancy, simplicity and flexibility. Because of that, Gatefy email protection works more efficiently and quickly, reducing complexity and minimizing time spent on updates, deployment and system changes.

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Achieve regulatory compliance, and create customizable rules and policies

It’s very important for a company to have control of the data and information that is shared by the email network. Our email protection allows you to create your own email filters. It means that you can protect your data according to its importance. In addition, this way your company can achieve regulatory compliance, being ready for any kind of laws and regulations.

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Improve productivity with easy deployment and simple management

Our email security is designed to improve your team’s productivity. We have a solution that is easy to deploy and simple to use. Gatefy provides simple and secure management through a complete role-based administration. In addition, our system is multitenant, supporting different domains if necessary. And one of the best parts: your users control their own email preferences, such as quarantine and trusted and blocked lists.

Block email threats using several protection tools

The security approach changes depending on the type of threat, since they act in various ways depending on the situation. Just to list a few threats: spam, phishing, DDoS, virus, spyware, trojan, ransomware and other malware. This huge variety means that, to protect your company better, you need to adopt several technologies and mechanisms. And that is what Gatefy email security does for you. We fight different threats using different waepons, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, filters, and DMARC.