Gatefy Email Security Appliance: Features and benefits guide

Gatefy Email Security improves your company’s email protection, check it out

Check out details and features of Gatefy on-premises solution. If you have any questions, please let us know. You can call us or write a message. What matters to us is that you have a clear idea of what the solution can provide and how it can help you better protect the information and data that travels through your business’s email.

Email security appliance features

Gatefy Email Security in details

Our email gateway is compatible with Office 365, G Suite, Exchange, Zimbra, and many other email services. It's also possible to integrate it with security solutions that your company already works with.

Full Protection

  • checkmarkIncoming Email Scanning
  • checkmarkOutgoing Email Scanning
  • checkmarkHigh Availability
  • checkmarkAnti-Spam
  • checkmarkAnti-Phishing
  • checkmarkAnti-Malware
  • checkmarkAnti-DDoS
  • checkmarkAnti-DHA
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  • checkmarkDMARC
  • checkmarkDKIM
  • checkmarkSPF
  • checkmarkTLS Encryption
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Analysis and Detection

  • checkmarkArtificial Intelligence
  • checkmarkMachine Learning
  • checkmarkHeuristic Analysis
  • checkmarkBayesian Analysis
  • checkmarkIP Reputation Analysis
  • checkmarkFingerprint Analysis
  • checkmarkImage Analysis
  • checkmarkSpoofing Detection
  • checkmarkAnomaly Detection
  • checkmarkBulk Detection
  • checkmarkGraymail Detection
  • checkmarkDelay Queue

Policy and Rule Control

  • checkmarkBy Domain
  • checkmarkBy Group
  • checkmarkBy User
  • checkmarkBy IP
  • checkmarkBy Content
  • checkmarkBy Sender
  • checkmarkBy Recipient
  • checkmarkBy Keyword
  • checkmarkBy Language
  • checkmarkBy Attachment
  • checkmarkBy URL
  • checkmarkBy List, such as RBL
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  • checkmarkMultiple Users
  • checkmarkMultiple Domain
  • checkmarkMultiple Tenant
  • checkmarkMultiple Reports
  • checkmarkCustomizable Policies
  • checkmarkRole-based Administration
  • checkmarkActive Directory Sync
  • checkmarkAudit Log
  • checkmark2-Factor Authentication
  • checkmarkFlag-based Email Tagging
  • checkmarkEmail Tracker
  • checkmarkSpecialized Technical Support
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End User

  • checkmarkDigest
  • checkmarkQuarantine
  • checkmarkSafe List
  • checkmarkBlock List