Gatefy Anti-Fraud Protection

Use DMARC to block threats, such as spam and phishing, and improve email delivery capabilities

Gatefy Anti-Fraud Protection is a solution that automates the DMARC email application and authentication process. It gives you full visibility of your company’s domain, blocking attackers who try to use your domain and brand to deceive employees, customers and partners. That way, you protect your reputation.

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How Gatefy Anti-Fraud Protection works​

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1. Administrators of the security solution have visibility and control over it, as well as support from Gatefy and its partners.
2. Emails sent from your people are legitimate and can be aimed at customers or others within the company.
3. Some malicious emails can impersonate your domain to target customers or others within the company.
4. Our anti-fraud solution helps to protect your people and brand from abuse and scams.
5. If the sender is legitimate, the email is delivered. Besides that, your company receives reports about the use of your domain.
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Why use Gatefy Anti-Fraud Protection

Protect your business's reputation

Cybercriminals can exploit your company’s brand and domain to create malicious emails that can damage your reputation and even affect your results. We’re talking about scams and threats such as phishing, impersonation, spam, spoofing, social engineering, and BEC (Business Email Compromise).

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Block cybercriminals who try to use your domain and brand​

There are several ways a hacker can gain access to your domain, either through a data breach, a server error, or a third-party service that you use. The fact is it can be very difficult and laborious to identify and have control over who might be using your domain and brand. It’s in this context that DMARC and our solution have emerged to add a new layer of protection to your business.

Simplify DMARC adoption​

Gatefy Anti-Fraud Protection is designed to simplify DMARC adoption so that your business saves time and money. Our solution focuses on safety, usability, and efficiency, reducing the complexity by which the DMARC deployment is so well known. In addition, our team of experts is ready to assist with your DMARC management project, minimizing errors and risks.
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Compatible with many email providers

Anti-Fraud Protection is compatible with Office 365, G Suite, Exchange and many other email services. It’s also possible to integrate it with security solutions that your company already works with.
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How to deploy Anti-Fraud Protection

It’s offered as a SaaS solution (software as a service).