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At Gatefy, we work to make a big difference in our employees' lives. We want them to feel proud and happy to be part of our team. That’s our main goal. We're fascinated by cybersecurity, technology, challenges, diversity, coffee, tea, games and people. So if you love one of them, you're probably one of ours.

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We are looking for people who

A red heart

Love technology

A cup of coffee

Love coffee or tea as much as technology

A person achieving your goal

Run after their goals

An employee satisfied with himself

Want to be themselves

A golden trophy

Feel comfortable in a challenging environment

A team working together

Like to work as a team

Self and professional growth

Seek personal and professional growth

Knowledge thirst

Have a thirst for knowledge

A mind open for new knowledge

Are open-minded

Smile face

Have a sense of humor

Shining brain

Want to make difference in the world

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