Attachment Security: Use sandbox and artificial intelligence to block malicious files

Protect your business against malicious attachments using sandbox technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning

Gatefy Attachment Security is a solution designed to be a targeted and advanced threat protection. It analyses and fights malicious attachments used in email attacks, such as phishing, BEC (Business Email Compromise), spam campaigns and ransomware attacks. With Attachment Security, files sent to your business are analyzed in a virtual environment using sandbox technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and a threat intelligence network. This ensures that only secure files are delivered.

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How Gatefy Attachment Security works

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  1. Administrators of the solution have visibility and control over it, as well as support from Gatefy and its partners.
  2. Some emails with files sent to your company are legitimate.
  3. Some emails contain malicious files and need to be blocked.
  4. Using sandbox technology, Gatefy Attachment Security protects your company against advanced threats.
  5. Only secure emails are delivered.
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Why use Gatefy Attachment Security

Benefits and features

Fight malicious attachments that contain ransomware, spyware, virus and other malware and threats

An attachment file can hide many dangers. Today, malicious attachments are one of the major weapons used by cybercriminals to hack into businesses and infect devices with different types of malware, such as trojan, worm, spyware, and ransomware. With Attachment Security, you can identify and block malicious emails that contain bad attachments, keeping your company safe.

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Prevent spam, phishing, BEC and data breaches

Every day thousands of threats are created with the intention of harming businesses and people. The use of malicious files is linked to many spam, phishing and BEC attacks that use attachments to gain access to systems, machines and sensitive data. Our solution for malicious attachments helps your business to block dangerous emails, preventing data breaches.

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Detect and block different types of files, such as Word, Excel, and Adobe

There are many file types and extensions that are known to be potentially dangerous, such as exe, scr, and js. But the truth is that most emails that have malicious attachments use Word, Excel, and Adobe files. To keep your business protected, you need a solution that fights different types of malicious files, especially those most commonly used in attacks. This is what our Attachment Security solution does for you and your company.

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Compatible with many email providers and security solutions

Attachment Security is compatible with Office 365, G Suite, Exchange and many other email services. It’s also possible to integrate it with security solutions that your company already works with.

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Office 365

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Google suite

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