Email Continuity: Keep your email and business running

Keep your business's email flowing during planned or unplanned outages, such as a natural disaster

Gatefy Email Continuity keeps your business's email working no matter what is going on, even if your server is down due to a planned downtime or any other reason, such as a natural disaster. Through our online platform, your employees are still able to visualize, receive and send messages. This way your team can focus on work and your organization doesn’t lose business. In addition, Email Continuity helps to keep in line with your company's policies, meeting legal and regulatory compliance.

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How Gatefy Email Continuity works

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  1. Administrators of the solution have visibility and control over it, as well as support from Gatefy and its partners.
  2. Without our solution, due to a planned or unplanned outage your email service is disrupted and it can interfere with the entire organization's work.
  3. With us, your organization doesn't have to stop doing business. Gatefy Email Continuity provides continuous email availability.
  4. Through our online platform, employees can receive emails. This means no one will miss important messages.
  5. Likewise, your organization is also able to send emails, which ensures the work gets done.
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Why use Gatefy Email Continuity

Benefits and features

Your business has email access all the time

One of the main benefits of the email continuity service is to allow your company to have email access during server problems. This way, your company's employees can still check their inboxes for important messages so the work continues. All you will need is internet access.

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During server outages your company can send and receive emails

Another feature and important benefit of email continuity is to allow employees to use their email as usual by sending and receiving messages in case of server unavailability. Using our webmail platform, employees can easily communicate with customers and partners, which means your business doesn’t stop.

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Simplify management and achieve compliance

Our email continuity solution simplifies the management of your email network by allowing administrators to have full control over the continuity service. In addition, the email continuity service is an important ally to meet regulatory compliance and data privacy, maintaining your company's policies and rules within the law.

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Compatible with many email providers and security solutions

Email Continuity works with many email providers and platforms. It can be added to Office 365, Exchange, Zimbra and G Suite, for example, and integrated to other cybersecurity solutions.

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Office 365

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Google suite

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Other email

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