Email DLP (Data Loss Prevention): Prevent data leaks and identify sensitive information

Fortify data loss prevention with visibility, control and security

Gatefy Email DLP analyzes outgoing emails to block any message and attachment that contain sensitive and confidential data. This gives you complete visibility into the information and data coming out from your business. Data loss prevention should be seen as a priority within companies, since a data breach can cause irreparable damage. In short, Email DLP allows keeping intellectual property inside business, helping to meet legal and regulatory compliance.

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How Gatefy Email DLP works

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  1. Administrators of the solution have visibility and control over it, as well as support from Gatefy and its partners.
  2. Emails that are sent by your organization may have secret and confidential information.
  3. Gatefy DLP checks and validates emails according to your company policies, mitigating the risk of data loss.
  4. Emails that contain sensitive information that mustn't leave your business are blocked.
  5. Emails are released when they don't pose a risk to your company's policy.
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Why use Gatefy Email DLP

Benefits and features

Protect information and prevent data breaches

It's difficult and problematic not to have control over the information and data that leave your company. There are of course malicious behaviors that lead to a data leak, but many data breaches are results of accidents due to lack of attention or knowledge from employees. A DLP solution helps protect your sensitive and secret business information, preventing breaches and losses.

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Stay compliant with legal regulatory

Our email DLP solution is very useful when your business needs to stay compliant with a number of data regulations and industry standard requirements. From the moment you can keep track of what happens to the information circulating through your email network, you’re safe to keep working since you can trust that employees are doing the right thing.

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Educate your team and audit your own business

One of the best benefits of a DLP solution is to let your company’s employees understand, over time, what information are most important and, therefore, require more attention when being handled. In addition, Gatefy Email DLP helps you to perform an internal audit, giving visibility to the types of data and information that are leaving your company: from whom, to whom.

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Compatible with many email providers and security solutions

Email DLP is compatible with Office 365, G Suite, Exchange and many other email services. It’s also possible to integrate it with security solutions that your company already works with.

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