Gatefy: anti-spam and anti-phishing solution for your business

Anti phishing solution blocking email attacks in the city
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If your company is looking for an anti-spam and anti-phishing solution, Gatefy will solve your problem.

Gatefy Email Security (GES) is a solution that protects your company against different types of email threats, such as spam, phishing, ransomware, virus, BEC (Business Email Compromise), and social engineering.

GES is compatible with several email providers, such as Office 365, G Suite, Exchange, and Zimbra. In practice, it adds an advanced layer of protection to your line of defense, offering great value for money.

As we’re talking about a security and data protection tool, Gatefy anti-spam and anti-phishing solution also helps your company to comply with laws and regulations, as is the case with LGPD in Brazil, GDPR in Europe, and CCPA in California.

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Identify advanced and targeted threats and block them faster with Gatefy
Icon of the Gatefy's cloud email security solution.

Why choose Gatefy anti-spam and anti-phishing

1. Block spam, phishing, and social engineering

Email is the primary vector used by hackers to compromise companies. The most common types of attacks are spam, phishing, and social engineering campaigns. According to Microsoft, 54% of security leaders reported an increase in phishing attacks since the beginning of the pandemic.

By using Gatefy anti-spam and anti-phishing solution, you have more protection against spam, phishing, and social engineering attacks.

2. Block ransomware, trojan, and other malware

According to Verizon, the use of malware is present in 17% of data breaches. Of this percentage, 27% involve the use of ransomware, which is one of the types of malware most feared by companies. In addition, Europol points to ransomware as the main threat in its latest cybersecurity report.

Gatefy anti-spam and anti-phishing solution is equipped with advanced detection mechanisms that are designed to detect and block malware of all types, such as ransomware, trojan and virus.

3. Block BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks

BEC is a trend. It’s a targeted and advanced email attack. According to the FBI, BEC is the scam that has caused the most financial losses for companies in recent years. BEC is also known as CEO Fraud.

To detect BEC or CEO Fraud scams, it’s necessary to have advanced and sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, which is the case with Gatefy anti-spam and anti-phishing solution.

4. Comply with laws and regulations

With the era of data protection laws and regulations, companies need to be more careful when handling third party data and information. Many regulations are clear when they say that companies need to adopt protection methods and tools to ensure the integrity of data and information.

Gatefy anti-spam and anti-phishing solution helps your company to be in compliance with laws by improving your business’s email protection. In this way, you prevent data breaches and avoid fines.

5. Increase your company’s productivity

Junk mail, including malicious messages, is directly linked to productivity within your company. If spam emails reach the mailbox, for example, they not only take up space, but also need to be manually filtered, consuming time and energy and affecting your team’s productvity.

Gatefy anti-spam and anti-phishing solution allows all the energy spent on unnecessary and sometimes dangerous tasks (as someone may fall into a phishing or spam scam) to be invested instead in productive activities that benefit the employee and the company.

6. Define email policies and rules

For your company to better manage the email traffic and, as a consequence, avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you need to know what’s happening on your network and have control mechanisms. Gatefy anti-spam and anti-phishing solution helps you with that.

It allows you to define and create email rules, such as blocking specific senders and messages that contain certain keywords. This way, you adopt security mechanisms customized to your company’s routine and environment.

Anti-spam and anti-phishing for your business

If you’re interested in finding out more about Gatefy solution, get in touch. We will talk about it and answer all your questions. Our team of experts in cybersecurity and data protection is at your disposal.

Improve your business’s email security. Schedule a demo!
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