Sandboxing is essential for your business and email security

Updated at: Oct 01, 2019
By Gatefy

Sandboxing is essential for your business and email security

An email sandbox is an important cybersecurity solution to strengthen your business security. It protects your organization against known threats and, especially, against those unknown, also called zero-day attacks and advanced threats. Considering that email is the leading vector for business attacks, a sandbox will help you fight malicious code and malware of all kinds, such as ransomware, spyware, trojan, virus, and worm.

Here, at Gatefy, for example, if a URL or a document shows suspicious behavior within the Gatefy sandbox, it will be quarantined or deleted, depending on the administrator's rules. Suspicious behavior would be an attempt to check the machine's system registry, to access a prohibited folder or an external IP address, or to download a file from the internet.

Once the threat is detected, our email security system creates a signature that is shared with all our users and clients so that everyone is protected against that specific type of attack.

Features of a sandbox system

1. Isolated environment

A sandbox runs documents and URLs in a safe and isolated environment before they are delivered. This way, it controls every step of the file that is being tested. In suspicious cases that indicate any malicious activity, the file is blocked. So yes, we can say that a sandbox is a testing environment that mimics a computer system, providing peace of mind for your team and company.

2. Behavior-based analysis

Another sandbox feature is that it’s all based on user behavior. It imitates a real environment with human actions, such as clicking and moving the cursor, to identify malicious activities. The more technology behind a sandbox, the better, since more advanced threats use anti-evasive techniques, which means they are designed to go unnoticed by detection tools. 

Why your business needs a sandbox for email security

Using a sandbox you protect your company against malware, spam and phishing attacks. Taking into account that companies of all sizes are attacked daily by email, not only enterprises, it’s important to have a tool that executes URLs and attachments in a secure and isolated environment, keeping your assets and employees protected.

Considering the damage and problems caused by an attack, sandbox is a cost-effective solution, with the benefits of being easily deployed and managed. Malware infections, especially by ransomware, often cause huge losses. In some cases, the result is a bankrupted company. Unfortunately!

However, a sandbox can't be seen as a complete solution. It needs to be combined with other security mechanisms, such as anti-virus, anti-spam and CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction), reducing your organization's risk. If you can keep the threats inside a box and then decide what to do with them, without harming your company, they'd better stay there, right?