Sandbox or Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)?

Updated at: Oct 01, 2019
By Gatefy

Sandbox or CDR Content Disarm & Reconstruction

We are here today to help you answer the following question:

Should I invest in a Sandbox or CDR solution?

This is a common question nowadays and it's been causing some doubts and headaches. Sandbox and CDR are gaining market and making success because of their performance and efficiency to keep organizations safe from threats and attacks.

As threats become increasingly intelligent and sophisticated, we need also intelligent and sophisticated technology to defend us. That´s where Sandbox and CDR come in.

Understanding Sandbox and CDR

Sandbox works preventing data breaches and cyber attacks caused by malicious URLs and files. It is a virtual environment, a safe area where an Artificial Intelligence will execute and test files and URLs before they are delivered to the end user.

CDR, or Content Disarm & Reconstruction, also operates targeting malicious files. It disassembles a file, removes malicious code and creates a sanitized file respecting the company's policy or the file type’s specification (International Organization for Standardization - ISO). Then, it delivers the file to the user.

So, which one is better?

We know that some specialists will say that Sandbox is better than CDR and vice versa. However, as a cybersecurity company, our analysis is that both play an important and unique role within their characteristics.

Although they work with the same raw material, which are files, Sandbox and CDR end up using different methods and, therefore, sometimes they have different results.

We are saying you'll have a better fight with a shield and a sword than with just one of them. Sandbox and CDR are different technologies that work together with other engines, such as anti-virus and IP reputation, so you have the best protection possible.

That’s it. Get both if you have the chance!