3 reasons to have control and visibility over your company email

Systems featuring control over company email
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For sure, email is one of the main means of communication for a company. Nothing new there, right? But, even though email’s so important for business development, it’s possible that it isn’t being used properly. Employees can, for example, be using the company email for personal issues or may be interacting with malicious links and attachments, which put the entire business at risk. The result, regardless of the situation, is loss.

What many managers don’t realize is that email use is directly related to the company’s productivity and performance. We’re saying that, yes, email’s one of the main factors of business success. So much so that if you wanna know what a day-to-day business is like, check its emails.

Through a detailed analysis of the messages, which is also known as an email audit, it’s possible to evaluate how the organization deals with partners, clients and even how employees behave.

This leads us to the conclusion that inappropriate email use and management can also at some point put the company’s reputation at risk. Consider that employees may not be complying with legal requirements, may be sending company confidential information out, or may still be treating customers improperly. The result you already know.

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Why you need to have visibility over your business email

Analyzing emails is important so that you know what’s happening inside your company and can make decisions that can impact its results. Having control over the messages will help you in at least 3 main aspects.

1. Security and protection

Email is crooks’ number one choice when planning scams and thinking about ways to spread threats. In fact, out of every 10 attempted attacks using malware, 9 happen via email (according to Verizon). An email attack can easily compromise your entire business structure. That’s why it’s important to have control and visibility over the email network. Some questions to keep in mind:

  • What are the most targeted threats to my business?
  • Who are the most affected employees?
  • Who are the people who most interact with malicious emails?
  • Is there any cybercriminal using my domain without my knowledge?
  • Is there a case of BEC within the company?
  • How many malicious emails does the company receive per week?

2. Compliance and regulatory requirements

Having visibility and control over the email network is the best way to know if your business has been meeting regulatory requirements. Depending on the company expertise area, you must meet a number of legal requirements, which usually involve special attention with information from third parties.

In addition, you’re likely to have your own business information policy. By auditing your email network, you’re able to know how important data has been handled. Some key points to think about:

  • What type of information does my company handle?
  • What’s the type of information that requires more attention?
  • Who are the people who have access to the most important information?
  • What information cannot leave the company?

3. Productivity

Everyone knows that the company email must be used for business purposes. But is this what’s happening in practice? Analyzing messages allows you to evaluate how communication within the company is working and also how communication with customers and partners is working. This is an effective way to evaluate your team’s productivity. Issues to consider:

  • Has the company email been used properly?
  • Have employees used email for personal purposes?
  • How do employees answer to customers and partners?

How to know what’s going on your business email

The question now is: and how can I have control and visibility over my company email? One of the best answers is: look for a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) solution.

A complete SEG solution will help you with security, visibility and compliance issues. Read more about it. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. We can also help you with that.

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