I know you're a pedophile, says malicious email

Updated at: Oct 01, 2019
By Gatefy

I know you are a pedophile, says malicious email

"I know you are a pedophile." This is the subject of a malicious email that was detected by Gatefy's email protection solution. It's another sextortion scam. As you can see, the message recipient is accused of pedophilia. The most interesting thing to note is that the message can cause panic. The reason is simple. Being accused of pedophilia is something very serious, involves the criminal justice system and can wreak havoc on personal and professional life until everything is properly clarified.

The good news is that, after the initial scare of such a serious accusation, it's soon clear, after start reading the email, that this is an extortion attempt. After all, the cybercriminal requires USD 5,000 in bitcoins to avoid propagating alleged sex-related videos involving the recipient.

“I was observing you for quite some time and what I have collected here is overwhelming. I know about your sexual preferences and your interest in young bodies”, says the cybercriminal.

He claims to be a computer scientist affiliated with the Anonymus group. In the email, the cybercriminal alleges to have control over the device. He also affirms that the recipient was infected with malware after downloading an application and starting using it months before.

This scam is very similar to another case of sextortion that we recently released. In this other email attack, the cybercriminal claims that adult content videos will be leaked to the recipient's family, friends and coworkers if USD 2,000 isn’t paid.

We may even go further with the comparisons. Keeping the proportions, both cases closely resemble Netflix's Black Mirror television series. If you've never watched an episode, the series basically reflects on how technology can be used to interfere with our lives, driving profound change and disruption.

Extortion and sextortion cases are very common

It's good to make it clear that every case of sextortion is a case of extortion. Especially because the term sextortion is a combination of the words sex and extortion. This means, however, that not every case of extortion is a case of sextortion. 

Nevertheless, most extortion attacks reported by FBI involve sextortion campaigns, according to a spokesman.

FBI figures point to over 51,000 extortion cases reported in 2018, with losses of over USD 83 million. This amount of loss increased by more than 240% compared to 2017. It was a gigantic increase.

The malicious email in full

"Yeah. I know you are a pedophile. Actually I know way more about you than you think.

I am a computer scientist (internet security specialist) with affiliation with the Anonymous group.

Few months ago you downloaded an application. That application had a special code implanted purposely. Since the moment you installed it, your device started to act like a Remote Desktop I was able to access anytime. The program allowed me to access your desktop, your camera(s), your files, passwords and contact lists. I also know where you live and where you work.

I was observing you for quite some time and what I have collected here is overwhelming. I know about your sexual preferences and your interest in young bodies.

I have secured 4 video files clearly showing how you masturbate (captured from your camera) to young teenagers (captured from your internet browser). Glued together is a pretty overwhelming evidence that you are a pedophile.

The timestamps on the video files indicate the exact time you have been masturbating to teenagers:

xxxxxx_com_1565443704.mp4 (119.3 MB)
xxxxxx_com_1563844584.mp4 (45.5 MB)
xxxxxx_com_1562890921.mp4 (98.7 MB)
xxxxxx_com_1563525936.mp4 (108.1 MB)

I am not here to judge the morality of your sexual preferences, I am here to make money. Because I know you are a wealthy person and that you do care about your reputation, I am willing to give you a chance to atone and I will leave you alone.

You do know what Bitcoin is, right?

You must fund a special address with 5,000 USD in Bitcoin, otherwise, I am going to send those video files to your family members, friends and your work buddies. I know it may be time consuming to buy 5,000 USD in bitcoin, so I will give you exactly one week.

Search on google how to buy bitcoin and send it to me. Enough is enough. I have seen enough. If you do not send the bitcoins in one week, I will also send those video recordings to your local police office. Your life will be ruined, trust me. Transfer details are below.

Send exactly:
0.4911740 BTC
to my bitcoin address:
(copy and paste)

1 BTC is worth 10,185 USD right now, so send exactly: 0.4911740 BTC. Make sure the amount and address is copied correctly - this way I will know the transfers is coming from you. As soon as you send bitcoins, I will remove the videos from my drive and remove the software allowing me to access your device.

If you do not cooperate, I will start sending out those videos to people you care about. Not excluded that after sending to one person, I will ask 10x more from you. I can make you suffer, trust me. Don't even think about going to police. If you try, I will immediately know it and I will send them your masturbation videos, pedo.

5,000 USD is a fair price for my silence don't you think? You have only one week & better act fast.

Send exactly:
0.4911740 BTC
to my bitcoin address:
(copy and paste)

Do not reply to this email, it's an untraceable one time message. I will contact you.
Remember, I am watching you.