How to choose an anti-spam for your business

Updated at: Oct 01, 2019
By Gatefy

Choosing an anti-spam

It´s hard to choose an anti-spam solution. There are so many options in the market that it gets complicated to decide which anti-spam software is the best solution to secure your organization's email. And with so many threats, you need to boost your email protection.

We think a good spam solution must address four simple points:

Anti-spam easy to install and maintain

We know how IT and information security teams are overwhelmed and often end up wasting time on unnecessary tasks. The deployment and maintenance of an anti-spam can be somewhat painful and time-consuming, involving many people. That’s why you need a “lean” solution, which means a simple and quick anti-spam to be installed and managed, without demanding much of your organization.

Anti-spam easy to use

Let's talk about usability. Don't think you have the best anti-spam software in the world if your IT team needs to contact the software vendor's support to configure or enable a simple feature. The anti-spam experience has to be simple enough so that your team doesn't waste time, which we know is something valuable. Just have in mind that an anti-spam software can also be simple, modern and clean. By the way, this is a great blend.

Anti-spam: main features

The best anti-spam solution for your business needs to focus on security. Most basic solutions hardly go beyond email filters and anti-virus protection. But, to be as secure as possible, your email protection needs to have:

• Multilayered email analysis, such as blacklists and greylists
• Heuristic filtering
• Bayesian filtering (machine learning)
• Anti-Virus
• Anti-Malware
• Anti-DDoS
• IP Protection and Security
• URL Protection and Security
• Attachment Protection and Security
• Policy and Rule Controls

Anti-spam with flexible management

This is an interesting point. For an anti-spam solution to become even more attractive to your business it has to be flexible. It needs to support multiple domains, unlimited number of users and administrators, multi-level administration, and offer high availability and performance.

Ready to choose your anti-spam solution?

All these points can help you choose an anti-spam solution for your business. We know that this decision requires a lot of research, reading and chatting. By the way, one last and not least tip is: talk to various software vendors and try testing the product before actually deploying it.