Fraud involving gift cards

Updated at: Oct 01, 2019
By Gatefy

BEC and gift card

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most dangerous digital threats. BEC is a form of spear phishing. It’s when criminals impersonate an executive or director of a company to lure employees and induce them to take an action.

We are talking about this threat because the FBI issued an alert saying it has seen an increase in the number of complaints involving BEC and gift cards. The fraud has been applied by email, call and text message.

“In a typical example, a victim receives a request from their management to purchase gift cards for a work related function or as a present for a special personal occasion. The gift cards are then used to facilitate the purchase of goods and services which may or may not be legitimate”, said the alert.

The FBI also says that, in some cases, criminals are going further and requesting extra wire transfer payments.

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