Gatefy Email Security – Deployment and Licensing

Check out our email security solution deployment options

Here you’ll find more information about deployment and licensing of our cloud-based email protection. We offer two options: Gatefy Web Services (GWS) and Gatefy Private Cloud (GPC). If you have any question, we’re here to help you. Call us or write a message.

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Gatefy Email Security Web Services (GWS)

Gatefy Email Security Private Cloud (GPC)

Why choose GWS or GPC
GWS is the favorite solution for small and medium businesses. It protects your business email leveraging the technology, flexibility and scalability of our cloud-based email gateway.
GPC also offers you security, technology, agility, flexibility and scalability, but you have your own environment. This is a good option for large companies and service providers.

Recommended for whom

GWS is suitable for up to 1000 mailboxes.

• Small and Midsize Businesses.
• Enterprise.

GPC is suitable for more than 1000 mailboxes.

• Midsize Business.
• Enterprise.

Cloud deployment model
SaaS (software as a service).
MX record change is required.
Priced per users.
Specialized technical support.
Compatible with several email service providers
• Office 365 • Exchange • G Suite • Zimbra • Others