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Gatelab is built by security specialists and available 24x7x365

Gatelab is our intelligence laboratory and Security Operations Center (SOC), built by researchers, data scientists and engineers. We’re techies at heart, driven by challenges that involve analysis, discovery and response to threats and development of technologies and cybersecurity solutions.

We use technology and security intelligence to empower your company

Expertise and proven experience in cybersecurity projects

Gatelab's aim is to quickly understand and respond to threats and attacks. We work day by day to keep Gatefy customers and partners updated with the latest protections against threats and attacks, and to contribute to the development of the international threat intelligence community.

Our Main Capabilities

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Threat Detection
and Prevention

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Assets and Vulnerability



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Technology Partner

Avira Technology Partner

Gatefy and Avira work together to analyze emails. Messages that show strange patterns, anomaly, or malicious behavior are detected and blocked immediately, keeping information safe and preventing data breaches. Avira's threat intelligence network is based on more than 500 million users worldwide and an average rate of 30 million threats detected per month.

No More Ransomware

Fight against ransomware

No More Ransom is a worldwide initiative to fight ransomware. It involves Europol and the world's leading cybersecurity organizations, agencies and companies. NMR makes clear its concern about fighting ransomware and recognizes that this is a fight that must be fought as a team. Gatefy is proud to be part of the NMR team, reinforcing its commitment to helping create a safer and more reliable world.

Stop Think Connect

Let's create a safer digital world

STOP. THINK. CONNECT. is a global online safety awareness and education campaign. The initiative's main objective is to build a safer digital world for everyone. The cause embraced by STOP. THINK. CONNECT. is noble and concerns all of us, internet users. Gatefy is a partner of the campaign because we want to build a safer world and know that information is one of the best tools to fight cyber attacks.

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