Email Archiving and E-Discovery: Save and protect your business data

Archive and protect your data, and simplify regulatory compliance and legal discovery

Gatefy Email Archiving and E-Discovery is a solution developed to store your emails in a secure, organized and automatic way so you can access information whenever you want. You can find messages as they were received or sent by your company through an easy-to-use search engine based on sender, content, date and much more. Email Archiving provides e-discovery features and secure email storage to meet legal and regulatory compliance.

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How Gatefy Email Archiving and E-Discovery works

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  1. Administrators of the solution have visibility and control over it, as well as support from Gatefy and its partners.
  2. Emails sent by your people may be copied and stored according to your company’s policy.
  3. All incoming email can also be copied and stored by our email archiving and e-discovery solution.
  4. Authorized people have access to the emails whenever your company needs them.
  5. Your organization can easily find emails in a variety of ways, such as per sender, date or subject.
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Why use Gatefy Email Archiving and E-Discovery

Benefits and features

Keep data security and your team’s productivity

With our email archiving and e-discovery solution, your data is safe and protected. Also, your company doesn't need mailbox quotas to manage the storage capacity of your server. Another benefit is that our solution is directly related to your team's productivity since it automatically stores, archives and preserves emails, and offers several search engine options, such as search per sender, content, and others.

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Simplify backup and restore

If your company receives a large volume of emails and has to keep them, you need an email archiving and e-discovery solution. It ensures more performance of your servers, reducing required disk space and working as a backup. Besides that, it speeds up the process of restoring information. After all, who has never deleted an email and then wanted to access it back?

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Achieve regulatory compliance and have control over your data

It’s very likely that your company has to comply with many obligations and legal regulations regarding the retention of emails and information. By using our email archiving and e-discovery, you ensure that your company is within the law. But not only that. You also have more control and visibility over your business information.

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Compatible with many email providers and security solutions

Email Archiving and E-Discovery works with many email providers and platforms. It can be added to Office 365, Exchange and G Suite, for example, and integrated to other cybersecurity solutions.

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