Partner Program Description

Requirements Description

• Sign Partner Agreement
You must agree to the terms of the Partner Agreement.

• Promote Gatefy on Website
You are invited to promote Gatefy solutions on your website.

• Certifications
You must have, at least, 1 Sales Certification and 1 Technical Certification. Trainings are provided at no cost.

Benefits Description

• Channel Account Manager
You are supported by a Channel Account Manager (CAM) to help you develop and grow your business.

• Marketing Consultant
You may get tips from a Gatefy Marketing Consultant to develop new marketing campaigns.

• Deal Registration Discount
You may have price list discounts on Gatefy solutions and services.

• Company Visit
Once a year, you may receive a visit from a Gatefy representative to strengthen the relationship between companies.

• Sales and Technical Certifications
You receive free online or field training, depending on Channel Account Manager's decision.

• Marketing Materials
Gatefy provides marketing and sales materials to support sales opportunities.

• Licenças Not-for-Resale (NFR)
For internal use, demonstration and training, you may have at no charge up to 200 mailboxes for Gatefy Email Protection Web Services.

• Your Logo at
If you are interested, you have an exclusive place within our website for your brand to be even more prominent.

• Partner Satisfaction Survey
Once a year, you may be invited to participate in a satisfaction survey to evaluate our products and services, with the aim of helping us to improve them.

• Technical Support
Gatefy offers to partners technical support services, via telephone or email:

• Beta Programs
You may be invited to access Gatefy Beta Programs, which include first-hand knowledge about new products, new solutions, and new features.